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Inital with basic setup instructions and project goals

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# EE194_Manduca_Simulator
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# EE194_Manduca_Simulator
# Setup
## Initial Setup
1. Clone this repo
1. Create and configure a python virtual environment
1. Create a virtual environment: e.g. `virtualenv venv`
1. Activate the environment with the appropriate script: e.g. `source venv/bin/activate.csh`
1. Upgrade pip: `pip install --upgrade pip`
1. Install/Upgrade setuptools: `pip install --upgrade setuptools`
1. Install the package and its dependancies
* In develop mode, where changes in the code take effect immediately `python develop`
* In install mode, where changes to the source code have no effect `python install`
## Using the package
1. Activate the virtual environment you created during intial setup
1. Import from the manduca library
* If you installed in develop mode, the code executed will always match the state of the source
* If you instlaled in install mode, the code will be the version from when it was installed,
*except* if you run a python command from within the repo directory; the code in `./manduca`
overrides the installed version of the `manduca` package
#Project Description
## Goals
* [ ] Simplified interfaces and classes
* [ ] Population, Manduca, SimpleManduca, History
* [ ] Customizable plotting of historic values
* [ ] auto documentation using sphinx
* [ ]
* [ ] pep8 compliance
* [ ] properties
* [ ] Custom Exceptions
* [ ] Test code using py.test
* [ ] wrappers
* [ ] multi-threading using multithreading.Pool
* [ ] Hist
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