Commit 825f37dc authored by David A.. Werner's avatar David A.. Werner
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More verbose progress bar

parent a08dc059
......@@ -153,7 +153,8 @@ class EvolutionSimulator(object):
return num_after_survival
def run_simulation(self, num_generations, history_interval=1, progress_bar=True):
for generation in tqdm.tqdm(range(num_generations), disable=not(progress_bar)):
progress_kwargs = {'disable':not(progress_bar), 'desc':'Genetic Algorithm Simulation', 'unit':'gen'}
for generation in tqdm.tqdm(range(num_generations), **progress_kwargs):
generation_info = self.next_generation(generation)
if generation%history_interval == 0 or generation==0 or generation==num_generations-1:
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