Commit 0e777f1a authored by David A.. Werner's avatar David A.. Werner
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Added example animation code usage

parent 47344a40
import glob
from manduca import SimpleManduca, Manduca
from manduca.Visualization import animate, animate_as_gif, animate_as_mp4
manducas = []
for m_file in glob.glob('fittest_manduca_*.npz'):
if "complex" in m_file:
manduca = Manduca.load(m_file)
manduca = SimpleManduca.load(m_file)
manducas.append((manduca, m_file.replace(".npz","").replace("fittest_manduca_","")))
animate_as_gif('one_manduca.gif', manducas[0])
animate_as_mp4('one_manduca.mp4', manducas[0])
multi_kwargs = {'dpi':200, 'show_winners':True, 'show_fitnesses': True,
'subplot_kwargs':{'figsize': (16,9)}}
animate(*manducas, **multi_kwargs)
animate_as_gif('all_manducas.gif', *manducas, **multi_kwargs)
animate_as_mp4('all_manducas.mp4', *manducas, **multi_kwargs)
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