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# EE194_Manduca_Simulator_Demo
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# EE194_Manduca_Simulator_Demo
# Initial Setup
1. Download this repository
* The location of this directory will be referred to as *DEMO_DIR*
1. Clone the [EE194_Manduca_Simulator]( repo
* The location of the manduca package will be referred to as *MANDUCA_DIR*
1. Create a virtual environment and activate it
1. `virtualenv venv`
1. `source venv/bin/activate.csh` (NOTE: use the appropiate script for your shell; e.g. venv/bin/activate for *bash*)
1. Prepare your virtual environment
1. `pip install --upgrade pip`
1. `pip install --upgrade setuptools`
1. Install the EE194_Manduca_Simulator
1. `pip install -e MANDUCA_DIR`
1. Test your setup using `python -c 'import manduca'`
* If this runs, setup is complete
## Using the virtualenvironment in the future
1. `source venv/bin/activate.csh`
1. Test your setup using `python -c 'import manduca'`
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