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**Receive confirmation SMS without mobile phone number**
The verification of numerous online services is carried out via mobile phone or smartphone. For example, when registering in online forums or when signing up with a freemailer. However, this requires that the user not only has a smartphone, but also an active mobile phone tariff. Although the spread of mobile devices is steadily increasing, not everyone has a mobile phone by a long way. This can quickly become a problem, especially when using Internet services. But there are various online providers who can help in this case. Because they provide a temporary mobile phone number with which confirmation SMS can be received.
**This is how SMS reception without a phone number works**
The various providers work according to a simple principle: interested parties use one or more central telephone numbers and can provide these to freemailers and other online services that require verification by mobile phone number. The SMS received on these numbers are then published on the provider's homepage and can be called up.
**Caution with verification SMS on the Internet**
However, the simple system also has disadvantages. The incoming messages are visible to everyone. Therefore, users should be especially careful with sensitive data and not make it public in this way. This is because third parties can easily view them on the SMS provider's website and misuse them for their own purposes. Users should therefore consider carefully for which services and information the online SMS is used.
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