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How to Install the Sublime UMASM Syntax Package
Author: Zachary Goldstein (zgolds01), Tufts University
Created: 14 Nov 2020
Last Modified: 14 Nov 2020
1) If you don't already have Sublime installed, you can download it here:
2) Sublime allows you to use SFTP or a Remote-Folder to access your files
on the Halligan servers. To enable Sublime to connect to Halligan, you
will need to install a package. I recommend the "SFTP for Sublime Text"
package, which you can install as the the directions here:
3) Once you've installed Sublime and a suitable SFTP package, you have to
install the UMASM package. Since this package is not officially
supported, you'll have to install it manually.
Move the UMASM package directory inside Sublime's "Packages" folder.
The location of this folder varies based on your operating system:
(a) Windows: $APPDATA/Sublime Text 3/Packages
(b) OSX: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3/Packages
(c) Linux: ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Packages
(I may be wrong about the Windows/Linux locations)
4) That's it, you're done!
Now, any ".ums" files that you open in Sublime should have UMASM-specific
syntax highlighting automatically applied. If your UMASM code still looks
bland, you may have to manually change the syntax settings by going to:
(View) -> (Syntax) -> (UMASM_Language)
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